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When thinking about taking a PRINCE2 course this is quite often a question that gets asked.  People are not sure if they would need to attend just the Foundation course or both the Foundation and Practitioner.  So what is best for you? Let’s see if we can help you in answering this question

PRINCE2 Foundation Course

The PRINCE2 Foundation course is a 3 day course with the Foundation exam at the end of day 3.  By taking the Foundation course and passing the Foundation exam you will show you have a good understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology. On the course you will cover in detail the 7 Principles, Processes and Themes of PRINCE2.  This will give you a good understanding of the methodology so you could work effectively in a PRINCE2 environment. The course ends on day 3 with the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.  If you pass you will achieve the PRINCE2 Foundation certification which is permanent for a lifetime.

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam tests your knowledge and comprehension of the method.  The Foundation exam is 1 hour,  To pass the paper you need to score 55%.

Who is this PRINCE2 course for?

Ideally this course is for people who are going to be part of a project management team but not necessarily managing the project.  People who are going to perform a Team Manager or Project Support role would definitely benefit from attending the Foundation course as this would give them a good understanding of their role in a PRINCE2 project. Who would also benefit from attending the Foundation course are people who are going to undertake a Project Board role. This though  very rarely happens.  I have trained over 80 PRINCE2 courses but in that time I could probably count on one hand how many Project Board members have attended a course.  This of course leads to many people sitting on a Project Board but not actually fully understanding their role or what they would be responsible for.  By attending the Foundation course this would allow them to understand their role and their responsibilities and would make them far more effective in their role.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Course

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is a 1.5 or 2 day course that is often taken together with the 3 day Foundation making a full-week course in total. By taking the Practitioner course and by passing the Practitioner exam you will show that not only do you have a good knowledge of PRINCE2 but also that you can apply the method in a project environment.

The Practitioner exam is a 2.5 hour multiple choice paper. The pass mark is 55%. The exam is open book as you are allowed to use your PRINCE2 manual as a reference guide. The exam is based on a project scenario and you have to show you can analysze and apply PRINCE2 to that scenario.

Who is this PRINCE2 course for?

Ideally the Practitioner course is for people who are currently performing a Project Managers role or who would like to move into a Project Managers role.

So hopefully if you have been asking the question – which PRINCE2 course is right for me – the information above might help you make up your mind. If not please feel free to contact us where someone from our team will be happy to discuss your training requirements.

Julie Grabb