Managing Benefits™ Foundation E-learning

Why should I take the Managing Benefits Foundation e-learning course?

Online e-learning gives you a convenient and cost-effective route to Managing Benefits certification. You can fit the study around your own schedule and continue to work while you add Managing Benefits to your qualifications in your own time. Our material is developed by experts and fully accredited.

Benefits realization is the reason your organization spends money on projects and programs. Until Managing Benefits there was no systematic, multi-disciplinary guidance to show you how to do this effectively and in detail. Managing Benefits aims to help organizations address the problem of demonstrating return on investments. It provides managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a variety of organizations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques.

Can I see a Demo of your Managing Benefits Online Learning?

Yes. Request a Managing Benefits demo and we’ll set you up with a preview so you can try out the system first.

Who should take this e-learning course?

The Managing Benefits Foundation course is designed for anyone requiring an introduction to the role of ensuring that the organization makes best use of investments by maximizing the benefits from projects, programmes and the portfolio. This will include:

  • Senior responsible owners & directors of change.
  • Strategic planners and policy leads.
  • Business case developers and project appraisers.
  • Portfolio, Programme & Project Managers.
  • Portfolio, Programme & Project Office staff

What is included:

The course includes:

  • 1-year access to our accredited Managing Benefits e-Learning material
  • Official manual: “Managing Benefits” (Hard copy)
  • Sample exam questions
  • Dashboard and Module reporting so you can track your progress
  • Managing Benefits Foundation exam online 24/7 (webcam required) + Certificate
  • 16 PDUs if you are a PMP

What will I learn:

  • Definitions, scope and objectives of benefits management, barriers to its effective practice, and the key success characteristics.
  • 7 Principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are based.
  • Five Practices contained within the Benefits Management Cycle and relevant techniques applicable to each practice.
  • Scope of key roles and responsibilities for benefits management and the typical contents of the main benefits management documentation.
  • Approaches to implementation and the factors to consider in sustaining progress

What are the course prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites to take this course. Experience in project, portfolio or program management is beneficial.

What are the course contents:

This is the APMG-International Managing Benefits Foundation course. It covers the Managing Benefits syllabus to Foundation level.

Key Learning Points:

What is Benefits Management and why do we need it?

  • Definitions – benefits and benefits management
  • Value and value management
  • Why do we need benefits management?
  • Objectives of benefits management

Barriers to success

  • Common misconceptions about benefits realization
  • The knowing – doing gap
  • Cognitive bias
  • Organizational pressures

Benefits Management Principles

  • Align benefits with strategy
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Utilize successful delivery methods
  • Integrate benefits with performance measurement
  • Management benefits from a portfolio perspective
  • Apply effective governance
  • Develop a value culture

Benefits Management cycle

  • The benefits managements cycle
  • Integrating benefits into the wider organizational context
  • Key success characteristics
  • Key roles, responsibilities and documentation

Benefits Management practices

  • Identify & Quantify
  • Value & Appraise
  • Plan – 4 themes that underpin benefits planning
  • Realize – transition, tracking and optimizing benefits
  • Review – initiative led and independent reviews

Portfolio based Benefits Management

  • The scope of portfolio-based benefits management
  • Key documentation and roles

Applying Benefits Management techniques

  • Reference class forecasting / Delphi technique / Probability based forecasting
  • Driver based analysis
  • Investment logic mapping
  • Benefits map
  • Benefits eligibility rules
  • Customer insight
  • Multi-criteria analysis

Tools and templates

  • Benefits management skills and competencies log
  • Benefits logic map
  • Managing benefits health check assessment


Which exam is included in this course?

This course includes the Managing Benefits Foundation exam.

Managing Benefits Foundation exam

The exam is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of Managing Benefits

  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • Closed book exam
  • 40 minutes duration
  • 50% needed to pass – 25 correct marks

When is the exam taken?

When you are ready, you can request the link from the exam authority APMG-International. You will be able to schedule the exam in the portal anytime you want 24/7. You can change the time of the exam as you please. However, if you change the date 24hrs prior to start time, APMG will charge a fee.

A webcam is required to identify yourself to the proctor with a photographic ID and then you can do the exam online from home.

What are the technical requirements for the online exam?

A personal computer is recommended to avoid any technical issues. If you are using an office computer, make sure you have the access rights or IT support at the time of the exam. For the online proctored exam an interface needs to be installed. Administrative rights are therefore essential.

Exams can be taken on a recent MAC or PC with Windows. A webcam and working microphone (internal or external) are required. Also, you must install either the browser ‘Google Chrome’ or ‘Firefox’.

The online exam is not available on a tablet (Ipad) or Cellular phone at the moment.

What’s the best way to prepare for the Managing Benefits Foundation exam?

Set your exam date first. Then work towards it. The material takes 15-20 hours study. So, work out how long that is going to take you and then book the exams. This way you have a clear target to aim at. This will help you stay on schedule.

Do I need ID for the Managing Benefits exam?

You must have a photographic ID with you. A driver’s license or passport is fine. A work ID, with photograph, is also acceptable.

English is not my native tongue?

For exams done in another language than your native tongue, you will be attributed 25% more time. We can also make arrangements to help with dyslexia or medical issues regarding exams if you submit a doctor’s note in advance.

How long does my Managing Benefits Foundation qualification last?

The Managing Benefits Foundation qualification is permanent. You will receive a lifetime certificate.

What happens if I don’t pass the Managing Benefits exam?

If you don’t pass the exam you can do a re-sit for an additional fee.


How many hours of study are required to pass the exams?

You need about 15 to 20 hours of study to get ready for the Foundation exam.

How does Managing Benefits work with the Management of Portfolios (MoP) standard?

MoP and Managing Benefits are complementary. Management of Portfolios shows you how to prioritize, plan and manage your organization’s portfolio of change initiatives. MoP has a short Benefits Management practice, but this course goes into much more detail about service value chains, benefits mapping and relating benefits to strategic objectives.

Project portfolio management is the environment in which Managing Benefits operates. The Portfolio should be benefit led – and benefits are best achieved using a whole organization – portfolio – approach. This course has a section on portfolio-based benefits management and covers the key documentation and roles needed to make it work.

I am thinking about buying the Managing Benefits manual and self-studying?

Our e-learning package includes everything and is built to save you money and trouble. Our fully accredited e-learning package includes online lessons, the latest practice exam questions, shipping, examination costs and proctor fees. There is nothing else to pay and you have a higher chance of passing your Managing Benefits exam.

Can you compare Managing Benefits e-learning vs virtual?

Good question. E-learning is flexible – you can fit the learning around your schedule. You don’t have to take time off to attend a course and you can work anywhere – at home, on the road, in hotels etc. Like our virtual training the material is fully accredited and will prepare you for the examination. But sometimes, self-study learning can be too flexible, so you need to be disciplined and set yourself a clear schedule.

Instructor-led training is the quickest route to Managing Benefits certification – it is all done in 3 days. During a virtual classroom event, you get access to a Managing Benefits accredited trainer. Many students said that the trainer’s insights and enthusiasm increased their understanding of the methodology. The opportunity to ask specific questions and get immediate answers is one of the biggest benefits of instructor-led training. There are also networking opportunities so you can share and learn from other’s experiences.

What are the technical support hours for e-learning course?

For any questions regarding the material or help on the e-learning course, we can be reached between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time Zone). For technical issues, the IT team is located in the UK, so tech support is only available between 8 a.m. and Noon (Eastern Time Zone).

I am not sure my computer is up to date for the online exam?

You can use the contact form to send us a message in advance. We will be able to verify if your computer meets the technical requirements.

What is the process for a proctored exam?

The exam authority has a strict procedure for online exams to ensure the security of the session. Some of them are:

You will be asked to be alone in a well-lit room with no background noise. The proctor will ask you to rotate your webcam in order to verify the area. Your desk must be clean of papers, books or notes. Glass walls and/or doors are prohibited unless they are covered. You will be asked to position yourself in a way that doors are behind you and visible to the proctor through the webcam.

You can use the contact form to send us a message in advance if you wish to obtain more information on the remote proctoring process.

How many PDUs do I get for this course?

PMPs can claim 16 PDUs at the PMI for the Managing Benefits Foundation e-learning course. (6 Technical PDUs, 3 Leadership PDUs, 7 Strategic PDUs).

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The e-learning version of this course is offered by Training Bytesize, an Accredited Training Organisation of The APM Group Ltd.


Managing Benefits™ Foundation E-learning

Managing Benefits™ Foundation E-learning

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Managing Benefits™ Online is a convenient and cost-effective route to gaining benefits realization skills. Get certified at your own pace with e-learning. Includes: 1-year access to accredited e-learning, manual, 1…

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