Communication, Collaboration and Engagement for the New World Virtual

Why should I take this virtual course?

The world that is shaping up for the post COVID-19 Pandemic is going to be different than the one we left behind. While the writing had been on the wall for a long time (not referring to the outbreak of a Pandemic, we are now entering into times that require us to introduce efficiencies and collaboration that will help reduce waste and get accustomed to the new way of doing business – with heavier focus on working remotely.

This session takes participants through a series of concepts and idea that will help them improve their ability to engage and collaborate their distributed teams, while maintaining and even improving productivity and value-creation. The session also allows participants to apply their learning toward improving their communication with their teams – by introducing pointed and focused communication techniques that reduce waste and improve performance. These communication techniques focus on sharpening the message, delivering communication to the relevant party, and reducing blasting and off-target communication.

The concepts introduce here are significantly overdue in the need to apply them and there is no better time than a crisis to force us to improve the way we do things.

Who should attend this class?

This program is designed for everyone in the organization, such as senior managers, project sponsors, change leaders and project managers, business analysts and team members.

This course is not available in our public enrolment schedule. Contact us for a private group training session.

What is included:

The course includes:

  • 2 days of virtual training from a Certified Trainer
  • 14 PDUs if you are a PMP

What will I learn:

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Realize the needs and capabilities required to transitioning into a mostly virtual workforce
  • Explore leadership attributes relevant to virtual environments
  • Build trust among distributed team members
  • Apply concepts to improve interpersonal skills
  • Establish guidelines for building relationships in virtual environments
  • Engage in difficult conversations and maintain cultural sensitivity in virtual environments
  • Effectively lead and facilitate virtual meetings
  • Identify ways to ensure communication is more focused and pointed
  • Explore techniques to reduce waste and to deliver communication to the relevant party
  • Set expectations for keeping the team connected and engaged
  • Ensure that projects and change initiatives deliver value

What are the course prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites to take this course.

What are the course contents:

See Key Learning points.

Key Learning Points:

  1. Transitioning to a virtual workforce
  2. Beyond technology: understanding virtual leadership
  3. Interpersonal skills (and communication styles)
  4. Fostering trust in the virtual environment
  5. Relationship management
  6. Effective virtual meeting facilitation
  7. Leading a connected organization
  8. Keeping the team engaged
  9. Focused and pointed communication
  10. Reducing blasting and waste; improving focus and communicating to the relevant party
  11. Things to do to keep virtual employees connected
  12. Managing projects and change initiatives with virtual teams


Which exam is included in this course?

There are no exams.


What are the class hours?

The course is 2 days starting at 8h30 a.m. to 4h30 p.m.


How does the virtual class work?

You connect to the online platform (Zoom) and the instructor will deliver the course to you wherever you are. We ask that you keep your camera open as much as possible so that the trainer can get a good sense of how learning is evolving. Some time periods will be allocated for questions, interactive exercises, lunch and breaks.

How many PDUs do I get for this course?

PMPs can claim 14 PDUs at the PMI for the CCE virtual course. (4 Technical PDUs, 5 Leadership PDUs, 5 Strategic PDUs).

This course is done in partnership with PM Konnectors.

Communication, Collaboration and Engagement for the New World Virtual

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