This week in class I was asked to write down a list of all the key word associations (and short phrases) that I had been referenced during the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner course. With the class, we developed this study aid to help assist with remembering PRINCE2 and of course to zero in on the specific needs of the questions on the Foundation & Practitioner exams.


Starting Up a Project

  • Pre-project
  • Minimum work
  • Project brief
  • Business Case, options, solution
  • Approach
  • Project Product Description: customer quality expectations, acceptance criteria

Initiating a Project

  • Big picture Planning
  • Strategies
  • Project Initiation Documentation
  • Tailoring
  • Controls

Directing a Project

  • The board (or their delegate)
  • Big decisions
  • Throughout the project

Controlling a Stage

  • Work of the PM
  • Day to day
  • Getting work done via team managers
  • Raising exceptions to the board
  • Dealing with issues, risks and changes
  • Reporting progress

Managing Product Delivery

  • The team manager
  • Reporting progress to the PM
  • Creating products
  • Checking (testing)
  • Obtaining approvals

Managing a Stage boundary

  • Reflect on this stage (End stage report)
  • Plan the next stage (Next Stage Plan)
  • Work of the PM
  • Provide info to board
  • Create exception plan

Closing a project

  • Premature close or normal close
  • Not a stage
  • Obtain final acceptance
  • Archive project documentation
  • Draft project closure notification
  • PM has completed his work!