So you signed up for the PRINCE2 training course and your prep feels like you are drinking out of a fire hose? Don’t worry, everyone feels this way before class. Here are 4 things you can do to calm the nerves and get in good shape for Monday morning

Read The Manual

It seems obvious, but it’s the most important thing you can do for your PRINCE2 training course. Everything next week is based on that book. So read as much as you can before you come to class. Work your way through the reading list and use a highlighter pen to mark up sections which seem most important. Don’t overdo it – your trainer will help you with this during the course. Think of the PRINCE2 manual like a jigsaw. Do the reading and you will have a full box of pieces needed to complete the picture.  It doesn’t matter that the picture isn’t clear just yet, just make sure you have all the pieces, we’ll do the rest.  Just bring all the pieces to class and your trainer will help you assemble everything in the right order. Remember to use post-it notes for each chapter. It will help you work with the manual during the PRINCE2 training course, and in the Practitioner exam

Use your Personal PRINCE2 Trainer

If you are one of our students you can use our exclusive personal PRINCE2 trainer service.  Our trainers are experts and they like to hearing from students before the course. They’d much rather help you sort something out early so send them an email or arrange a support call

Learn what comes where

This is quick exercise that is worth a couple of marks in the Foundation exam. Go to the Starting Up a Project and Initiating a Project process chapters. Learn which management products are created or updated in each. Keep reading until you can write a list from memory. Make sure you know the difference between created and updated – sometimes a question will specifically ask “when is product X, updated”

Don’t stress about practice exam questions

Focus on getting the knowledge, not testing it. The practice exams only tell you what you know. Before the PRINCE2 training course spend your time increasing your knowledge. The course will include sample exam questions and your trainer will give you lots of tips and technique to help you.