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Les bénéfices, clés d’une gestion de projet stratégique

05/03/2018 17:41:34 In Our Blog
benefices gestion, bénéfices gestion de projet
Assurez une meilleure gestion des bénéfices en entreprise.

Why a certification in Project Management?

03/06/2018 21:41:04 In Our Blog
certification, certification project
Advantages of getting a certification in PM.

Continuous professional development: undeniable advantages

01/29/2018 19:04:11 In Our Blog
training, professional training
3 reasons to continue your professional training.

Pourquoi aller chercher une certification en gestion de projet?

01/29/2018 18:17:48 In Our Blog
certification, certification projet
Les avantages d'une certification en gestion de projet.

OKAZY RATED TOP 10 WORLDWIDE For MoP - MAnagement of Portfolios

12/11/2017 15:20:57 In Our Blog
mop management of porfolios, project portfolio
Working in partnership with AXELOS, the course conductor data visualization team analyzed 9867 professionals with MoP certification, and created this info graph

La formation professionnelle : des avantages indéniables

11/10/2017 20:35:53 In Our Blog
formation, formation continue, formation gestion
3 raisons de poursuivre sa formation professionnelle.

All about PRINCE2 version 2017

08/31/2017 21:27:41 In Our Blog
prince2 version 2017, prince2 version, prince2 update, prince2 2017
Everything there is to know about the update to PRINCE2 for 2017.

Communication Management Strategy

05/21/2014 21:20:47 In Our Blog
prince2 stakeholder, prince2 communication
Stakeholder analysis explained

Roles vs Job Descriptions in the Supplier/Customer relationship

12/01/2013 22:07:36 In Our Blog
prince2 supplier, prince2 customer
Understanding the role you play in enabling project success and how your skills are acknowledged in that environment helps to make all projects more successful.

Risk Management Strategy: Probability and Impact explained

09/22/2014 21:02:02 In Our Blog
prince2 risk
What does it mean if someone says this is a HIGH RISK?

Project Brief (PRINCE2) vs Project Charter (PMBOK)

04/11/2014 20:53:04 In Our Blog
prince2 pmbok, project brief, project charter
There are many similarities between PRINCE2’s Project Brief and PMBOK’s Project Charter. However there are also some key differences.

PRINCE2 has a roadmap to getting the customer what they want!

06/02/2014 20:43:26 In Our Blog
prince2 quality
Quality must be defined in specific and measureable terms. Easier said than done?

PRINCE2 – it was designed and built with Government Projects in mind!

08/24/2012 20:30:30 In Our Blog
prince government, prince2 public
PRINCE2 helps make difficult decisions part of the best practice way of doing projects.

One Canadian’s Journey into PRINCE2

03/12/2012 20:20:10 In Our Blog
prince2, prince2 trainer
Journey of the first Canadian PRINCE2 Certified Trainer.

Never be late or over-budget again

05/10/2012 20:07:17 In Our Blog
prince2 tolerance, prince2 exception
Control your project with PRINCE2's manage by exception principle.

Devolution of project scope and quality

11/15/2012 20:47:03 In Our Blog
prince2 quality, prince2 scope
We have to have something to show for all this time and effort and money spent!

Configuration Management is necessary

09/13/2011 19:34:24 In Our Blog
prince2 configuration
There are two main topics within the change theme of PRINCE2. Issue and change control and Configuration management.

So how does PRINCE2 work in the REAL WORLD?

07/31/2012 19:23:35 In Our Blog
prince2 tailoring, prince2 apply
Tailoring is a critical part of PRINCE2.

Issue & Change Control Procedure

04/06/2012 19:09:14 In Our Blog
prince2 change
No matter how small, it's still a change request.

What is the Difference between Projects and Programs?

12/15/2011 20:12:43 In Our Blog
projects programs
Are programs just big projects and shouldn’t we manage them like that?