Why should I take the BRMP course?

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) training and certification program is intended as a comprehensive foundation for Business Relationship Managers (BRM) at every experience level, with the training and certification designed to provide a solid baseline level of knowledge regarding the BRM role and how well-cemented and effective BRM disciplines can positively impact overall business results.

Who should attend this class?

Typical job roles include

  • IT, HR, Finance, Directors & Managers

  • Customer Relationship Managers or those in similar roles

  • Quality Managers & Service Level Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • External Service Providers

  • Representatives of shared services organizations

What is included?

The course includes:

  • 3-days classroom training from a BRMP Approved Trainer or Access to our accredited BRMP e-Learning material for 1 year

  • Official manual: "The BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge"

  • Accredited course material including sample exam questions

  • BRMP exam + Certificate

What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will know:

·       The characteristics of the BRM role

·       What it means to perform as a strategic partner, contributing to business strategy formulation and shaping business demand for the service provider's services

·       The use of Portfolio Management disciplines and techniques to maximize realized business value

·       Business Transition Management and the conditions for successful change programs to minimize value leakage

·       The BRM role in Service Management and alignment of services and service levels with business needs

  • The principles of effective and persuasive communication

What are the course prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to take this course. Experience in a business environment is an advantage.

What are the course contents?

This comprehensive course introduces you to, and provides details for building “The House of BRM”, which includes the following three key aspects of Business Relationship Management:

  1. The “Foundation” supports the BRM role and ensures it has the competencies to be effective and deliver value to both the provider organization and its business partners.

  2. The “Pillars” define the BRM space in terms of Core BRM Disciplines: Demand Shaping, Exploring, Servicing and Value Harvesting.

  3. The “Roof” protects Business Relationship Management as a key aspect of provider capability. It does this by ensuring clarity around the role, discipline, and organizational capability of Business Relationship Management in the context of the Provider Strategy and Operating Model.

There is also focus and details provided for the Four Core BRM Disciplines:

  • Demand Shaping  stimulates, surfaces and shapes business demand for provider services, capabilities and products. It ensures that business strategies fully leverage provider capabilities, and that the provider service portfolio and capabilities enable business strategies. Most importantly, Demand Shaping is focused on optimizing the business value realized through provider services, capabilities and products—that low value demand is suppressed while higher value demand is stimulated

  • Exploring  identifies and rationalizes demand. Business Relationship Management helps sense business and technology trends to facilitate discovery and demand identification. Exploring is an iterative and ongoing process that facilitates the review of new business, industry and technology insights with potential to create value for the business environment. The key benefit of this discipline is the identification of business value initiatives that will become part of the provider portfolio of services, capabilities and products

  • Servicing  coordinates resources, manages Business Partner expectations, and integrates activities in accordance with the business partner-provider partnership. It ensures that business partner-provider engagement translates demand into effective supply requirements. Servicing facilitates business strategy, Business Capability Road mapping, portfolio and program management

          Value Harvesting ensures success of business change initiatives that result from the exploring and servicing engagements. Value harvesting includes activities to              track and review performance, identify ways to increase the business value from business-provider initiatives and services, and initiates feedback that triggers continuous improvement cycles. This process provides stakeholders with insights into the results of business change and initiatives


Which exams are included in this course?

This course includes the BRMP exam.

BRMP exam

The BRMP exam is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of BRMP

  • 50 multiple choice questions

  • Closed book exam

  • 40-minutes duration

  • 50% needed to pass - 25 correct marks

When is the exam taken?

Your BRMP exam is taken on Wednesday afternoon. For the online version, you can schedule the exam 24/7.

Do I need ID for the BRMP exam?

You must bring photographic ID with you. A driver's license or passport is fine. A work ID, with photograph, is also acceptable.

How long does my BRMP qualification last?

The BRMP qualification is permanent. You will receive a certificate attesting your certification for a lifetime.

Can I just take the BRMP exam with you?

Sorry, no. We are an Accredited Training Organization for BRMP so we are not permitted to offer just exams. 


Where is the class held?

Our courses are held at quality downtown venues in all major Canadian cities. You will be close to transport links and parking.

What are the class hours?

  • Monday -> Wednesday: 8.30 AM to 4:30 PM

How much preparation is required?

You have about 10 hours of preparation to do before you attend the BRMP course. Before the class, we will send you the official BRMP manual. During the pre-course, you read key chapters of the manual for guidance. The pre-course work can be tailored according to how much time you have available. The more you can do before class though, the better prepared you will be to contribute and ask relevant questions.

What happens if I don't pass the BRMP exam?

If you don't pass the BRMP exam you will find this out by email a week after taking the class. We'll send you your score and a breakdown of your paper. You can retake the BRMP exam at the next class or online for an additional fee.

If I take my training online where do I take the BRMP exam?

When you are ready to take the BRMP exam, we will send you a prepaid exam voucher. You will be able to schedule the exam in the portal anytime you want 24/7. A webcam is required to identify yourself to the proctor with a photographic ID and then you can do the exam online from home

How many PDUs do I get for this course?

PMPs can claim 21 PDUs at the PMI for the BRMP course. (7 Technical PDUs, 7 Leadership PDUs, 7 Strategic PDUs)

The Online version of this course is offered by Training Bytesize, an Accredited Training Organisation of The APM Group Ltd. The classroom version is offered by Okazy Consulting , an Accredited Training Organisation of The APM Group Ltd.