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    Which PRINCE2 in-house courses can be run at my location?

    Any PRINCE2 course can be run at your premises.  PRINCE2 in-house courses can include:

    • PRINCE2 Foundation (3 days)

    • PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner (5 days)

    • PRINCE2 Practitioner Upgrade (2 days)

    • PRINCE2 Re-Registration (2 or 5 days)

    • PRINCE2 Executive Briefings (Half or Full day)

    • Customized PRINCE2 courses, support sessions or workshops

    Compare In house vs Open courses

    In house courses

    • More relevant:   students can discuss company projects and there is more time to put PRINCE2 in context of your operations

    • Improved security:   you don't have any concerns about sharing confidential information with students outside your organization

    • No costs  for student travel and accommodation

    • Best value  if you have 5 or more students – Contact us for a quote

    • Your Executive or HR colleagues are welcome to visit the course at any time

    Open classes

    • Opportunity to network  with individuals from different sectors and compare experiences

    • More choice  of dates - we have the largest public schedule in Canada so there's always a course when you want it

    • Less distractions  - students are offsite and can focus on the training course

    Can in-house training be tailored to my organization's requirements?

    It depends on whether you are running an exam or non-exam class:

    Exam classes

    If you are running a PRINCE2 exam class, such as the Foundation or Practitioner event, you need to follow the official PRINCE2 syllabus. If we skipped bits of this your students would not get the full PRINCE2 method and would be at a disadvantage in the exams. The good news is that Okazy can easily tailor the context of your PRINCE2 exam classes.  We are well used to doing this - before the course we will work with you to gain an understanding of your organization, your industry and current projects.  We put this information into a customized Trainer Briefing document so that your PRINCE2 Instructor knows your priorities before coming to the course. Suppose, for example, your organization is in the construction industry.  Our PRINCE2 trainer can direct the discussions and questions to your needs and the situations that occur in construction.  For example:

    • Risk Theme:  "How do you manage the risk of weather in construction projects?  PRINCE2 says that risks can be opportunities or threats - how would a change in weather patterns be an opportunity for your project?  Which PRINCE2 opportunity response would be appropriate in these circumstances?"

    • Organization Theme:  "PRINCE2 says that a Project Executive has final responsibility for a project's outcome.  If you are constructing a new road for a Provincial Government who should take the Project Executive role?  And who should be the Senior User?"

    Can you provide examples of PRINCE2 in-houses classes you have delivered in Canada?

    We introduced PRINCE2 to Canada in 2007, we have provided more PRINCE2 in-house training than any other organization.  Some examples:

    • Canadian Federal Government  – Executive Briefings to DGs, ADMs and senior staff focusing on the Governance areas of PRINCE2

    • Provincial Health organization  – PRINCE2 Foundation training provided at the weekend to maximize number of students trained.  Customized workshops provided in PRINCE2 Planning techniques using a trainer with specific knowledge of Microsoft applications

    • IT Contractors group  – PRINCE2 course delivered over 2 weekends rather than 5 days.  This enabled the client to maximize revenue earning days while gaining PRINCE2 certification

    • Oil and Gas organization  – PRINCE2 and Microsoft Project course tailored to client’s specific use and version of Microsoft Project, and the experience level of the student group

    • United Nations agency  – tailored Executive Briefing sessions.  Delivered several short, specific briefings to meet the needs and availability of senior managers

    Do you provide in-house courses for other types of certification?

    Yes. We can have our trainer at your offices for MSP Managing Successful Programmes, MoP Management of Portfolios, Managing Benefits, Change Management, PRINCE2 Agile, and PMP exam prep. Just let us know what you need.

    What are my Next Steps?

    • Contact us with your requirements

    • Or call 1(844) 726-5299

  • FAQS

    What facilities to I need to provide to run a private PRINCE2 course at my premises?

    A PRINCE2 course is simple to administer; the 3 main things you need are

    ·       A Room – large enough for the students and quiet enough to run an exam

    ·       Data projector – we’ll provide the materials and a laptop

    ·       Space & comfort – PRINCE2 training is intensive so each student needs desk space and a comfortable chair for 3 or 5 days of training

    We will provide you with a full course set up document so you know exactly what is required.

    What else do I need to provide?

    A contact person, usually an administrator, who can receive PRINCE2 materials, meet the PRINCE2 Trainer on Day 1 and help with any on-site questions.  If you provide lunch as part of your company training that is great. If not, we will work with your normal arrangements.

    How many candidates are appropriate in-house class?

    Around 10. We recommend a maximum of 15 persons for a PRINCE2 exam course. This is to ensure everyone has time with the PRINCE2 Instructor to ask questions. The trainer will check progress to make sure that all your students are on track.

    Can I train more than 15 persons in a single class?

    Yes.  15 is our recommendation for quality purposes on exam courses. There’s no limit to students on an Executive Briefing or non-exam course.  If you need to train more, contact us and we can tailor the course to larger numbers.  We’ve trained up to 25 persons before.

    Can you provide PRINCE2 in-house training during weekends and non-business hours?

    Yes, and we’ve done this. We can provide authorized PRINCE2 training during weekends or vary the hours to meet your needs.  We can also provide training on statutory holidays if you require.

    Can PRINCE2 in-house courses be provided in French?

    Yes. Okazy has several bi-lingual PRINCE2 Approved Trainers who can provide your course in French or English. All materials are available in French and English. The PRINCE2 manual and exams are also translated into both languages.