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Why should I take the PRINCE2 Foundation course?

The PRINCE2 Foundation course is suitable if you need a good understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology.  Project Executives, Project Support or PMO staff and Project Team Members will all the find the course beneficial.  The PRINCE2 Foundation course introduces you to PRINCE2 and gives you a good knowledge and comprehension of the PRINCE2 method.  This course also prepares you for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, which is included in the course schedule and price.  If your role includes responsibility for a PRINCE2 project - as a Team or Project Manager you should consider the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner.

Who should attend this class?

Typical job roles include:

  • Project managers or aspiring Project managers

  • Project team managers and support staff

  • Project executives

  • PMO staff

  • Project team members

What is included?

The course includes:

  • 3-days classroom training from a PRINCE2 Approved Trainer

  • Official PRINCE2 manual:  "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2"

  • Accredited course material including sample exam questions

  • PRINCE2 Foundation exam + Certificate

  • 49 PDUs if you are a PMP

What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will be ready to:

  • Work as an effective member of a PRINCE2 project team

  • Explain the key features of the PRINCE2 method including Principles, Themes and Processes

  • Complete key PRINCE2 templates, such as Checkpoint reports or the Risk and Issue Registers

  • Implement the PRINCE2 methodology under the direction of a Project or Team manager

  • Take and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam

What are the course prerequisites?

You should be working in or have a good knowledge of project management. You need to complete about 10-20 hours of study before the course. We'll provide all the reading materials you need so you will be well prepared before you come to class.

What are the course contents?

This is the official PRINCE2 Foundation course approved by Peoplecert. The course covers the complete PRINCE2 syllabus to Foundation level and includes examination practice.

Key Learning Points

PRINCE2 Introduction

  • PRINCE and the Big Picture

  • 7 Principles

  • 7 Processes

  • 7 Themes


  • Creating the project management team

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Tailoring the project governance to different types of project

Starting up a Project

  • Writing a Project Brief

  • The essential Business Case

  • Answering the vital question: "do we have a viable and worthwhile project?"

Initiating a Project

  • Preparing project Strategies for Risk, Quality and Communications

  • Creating the Project Plan

  • Assembling the Project Initiation Document


  • Defining Customer Quality Expectations

  • Quality management, planning and control


  • Levels of plan and the planning horizon

  • Using the Product Based Planning technique

  • Writing Product Descriptions documents

Progress and Change

  • Technical vs Management stages - which is best?

  • Dealing with Issues and change

  • Management by exception

  • Management by stages


  • Writing the Risk management strategy

  • Using a Risk management procedure

  • Implementing appropriate risk management responses

Directing a Project

  • Authorizing project initiation

  • Authorizing the project and individual stages

  • Giving ad-hoc direction and steering through problems

Running a Project

  • Controlling a Stage: managing project teams and work packages

  • Managing Product Delivery: build and test products

  • Managing a Stage Boundary:  look back, look at the big picture, look forward to the next stage

Closing a Project

  • Planned and premature close

  • Evaluating the project

  • Writing the End Project and Lessons Learned Reports

Outline Timetable

Day 1

  • Course Introduction

  • Overview of PRINCE2 & Principles

  • Organization

  • Starting Up a Project

  • Initiating a Project

  • The Business Case

  • Homework

Day 2

  • Review of Day 1

  • Quality

  • Plans and Product Based Planning

  • Risk

  • Directing a Project & Progress

  • Controlling a Stage & Progress

  • Homework including practice exams

Day 3

  • Review of Day 2

  • Change

  • Managing Product Delivery

  • Managing a Stage Boundary

  • Closing a Project

  • PRINCE2 Foundation Exam


Which exam is included in this course?

This course includes the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

PRINCE2 Foundation exam

This is your first PRINCE2 exam designed to test your knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2

  • 60 multiple choice questions with 1 mark for each question

  • Closed book exam

  • 1 hour duration

  • 55% needed to pass so a score of 33 / 60 is required

When is the exam taken?

Your Foundation exam is taken on Wednesday afternoon.

Do I need ID for the PRINCE2 exam?

You must bring photographic ID with you. A driver's license or passport is fine. A work ID, with photograph, is also acceptable.

How long does my PRINCE2 qualification last?

The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is permanent. You will receive a lifetime certificate.

What happens if I don't pass a PRINCE2 exam?

If you don't pass your PRINCE2 Foundation exam you can retake the exam for a fee at our next class or Online.

Can I just take the PRINCE2 exams with you?

Sorry, no. We are an Accredited Training Organization for PRINCE2 so we are not permitted to offer just exams.


Do I need to be a project or project manager to attend this class?

Some knowledge of project management is good but it is not essential.

Where is the class held?

Our courses are held at quality downtown venues in all major Canadian cities. You will be close to transport links and parking.

What are the class hours?

  • Monday -> Wednesday: 8.30 AM to 4:30 PM

How do I prepare for PRINCE2 training?

You have about 10-20 hours of preparation to do before you attend the PRINCE2 Foundation course.  Before the class, we will send you the official PRINCE2 manual: “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2” as well as Reading List and sample exam questions.  During the pre-course, you read key chapters of the manual and answer exam questions to test your knowledge and understanding.  It seems a lot at first but the more work you can do in advance of the course, the better.  Even if you don’t 100% understand things before you come along – don’t worry.  If you’ve done the work, our trainers are experts in PRINCE2. We’ll get you understanding the method in no time at all.

Do I need to log project management experience before the course?

PRINCE2 does not require you to log hours of project management experience before training.  The PRINCE2 approach is a bit like learning to drive:  you certify and then practice.

Can I take the PRINCE2 Foundation course now and upgrade to Practitioner level later?

Yes. You have a busy schedule so 5 days out of office may not be possible. Also, you may prefer to take the Foundation first, apply some of your new knowledge and then come back and upgrade to Practitioner. We don't charge you extra if you book the course as one event, but take it on two different occasions.

If you are evaluating the 3-day PRINCE2 Foundation vs 5-day Foundation and Practitioner, you should ask yourself these questions:

·       What is my role in PRINCE2 projects?  If you just need to understand PRINCE2 then Foundation is enough.  If you are responsible for PRINCE2 projects – as a Team or Project manager – you should take the full Foundation and Practitioner class.  This additional certification equips you to lead and tailor PRINCE2 projects

·       Do I have a reflective learning style?  Do you like to learn in stages, getting new information, internalizing it and then coming back for more?  If this is you then splitting the course is a good choice.

·       Do I have an active learning style?  Do you like to take new information and put it straight to use?  In this case, you should take the 5-days continuous class

How many PDUs do I get for this course?

PMPs can claim 49 PDUs at the PMI for the PRINCE2 Foundation course. (30 Technical PDUs, 10 Leadership PDUs, 9 Strategic PDUs)

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