The Best of Both Worlds

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PRINCE2 Agile is the first ever extension to the PRINCE2 methodology.  The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner class is a 3 day course including a 2.5 hour exam in the objective testing format.

Why combine PRINCE2 with Agile?

PRINCE2 and Agile are mainstream approaches.  But they're often seen as chalk and cheese. There's widespread misunderstanding, even prejudice, about the relative merits of both.  Agile and PRINCE2 Practitioners are asking questions about the two approaches:

  • "PRINCE2 is good for governance, and direction, but is it responsive?"
  • "Agile is responsive to change but is it chaotic?"
  • "If Agile works for small teams, can it be scaled up for the enterprise?"
  • "PRINCE2 is strong on control, but does it stifle creativity?"
Step forward PRINCE2 Agile. This new guidance will help experienced PRINCE2 practitioners tailor PRINCE2's controls for agile development, while helping agile developers understand PRINCE2's governance requirements.  It's going to blend the best of both worlds.

Can PRINCE2 be Agile?  

PRINCE2 is already agile.  Many agile approaches function at the work package / product delivery level.  PRINCE2 has never prescribed how work packages should be run - it's left to the teams who are building the products.  You hire specialists to do stuff you can't.  You don't tell them how to do it. So the PRINCE2 Managing Product Delivery process is just an interface between the specialist team and the project manager who is running the stage. If a PRINCE2 team chooses to use Agile to deliver a work package that's a sensible application of PRINCE2’s Tailoring Principle.  The new PRINCE2 Agile extension will give guidance on how to adjust the PRINCE2 controls for an agile environment.

What does PRINCE2 Agile look like?

PRINCE2 Agile Logo 

The guide is around 20% PRINCE2 and 80% Agile.  So you're getting the good governance and business focus of PRINCE2 with the dynamic and flexible approach of Agile.  It includes:

  • 5 PRINCE2 Behaviours and how to apply them:  Collaboration, Rich Communication, Transparency, Self Organization and Exploration
  • Guidance on how to apply PRINCE2 Agile behaviours, frameworks, concepts, focus areas and techniques
  • Advice on using agile fundamentals and techniques such as collaborative teams, open communications and stand ups
  • Mappings between agile roles and those in a PRINCE2 project.  Where, for example, does a Scrum Master fit into a PRINCE2 project?
  • An exam based qualification to add to your PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner qualification
  • New tools to help the project audit agile behaviours
  • A new manual and, later, a short executive guide publication
  • A training course to help you achieve the qualification

PRINCE2 Agile exam

The PRINCE2 Agile exam is a 2.5 hour multiple choice test based on scenarios.  It tests your ability to analyze and apply PRINCE2 in scenario situations.  Set at Levels 3 and 4 of Blooms taxonomy, it is similar in difficulty to the existing PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. The pass mark is 60%.